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As Long As I Can Remember... I Could Read. This is What I Read.

I've been reading SF (science fiction and fantasy) since I was 2 (remember Where the Wild Things Are, and the little monsters books?). My mother had a collection of Edgar Rice Burroughs books she kept in a box under her bed; I would stare at the covers of Pelucidar and the Princess of Mars and wonder what lay within their crumbling protection. A signed print of the cover of The Past Through Tomorrow hangs on my wall. The covers draw us in, but the words speak for themselves.

What I've read recently


I have to admit to having a favorite, Robert A. Heinlein, despite all the criticism he's taken over the years.

I also bear affection for some live authors. In the top list:

Elizabeth Bear, blogger extraordinaire and a pretty damn fine sf writer, too.

Steven Brust, author and musician.

Orson Scott Card, especially Ender's Game, Wyrms, and the short story collection Unaccompanied Sonata and Other Stories.
Note: I'm frustrated with Orson's recent politics, but I still have to recommend his books.

Neil Gaiman, an author with his hands in many pots, with an imagination to match his versatility. I've assisted Neil at enough events that I wrote a page about how to do it.

Robin McKinley. Read The Blue Sword. Then grow up some. Then read Sunshine. At least, that's what I did, and you can tell Robin did some growing up in between them as well. But they're both marvelous.

Elizabeth Moon, an author who has found her own voice. I especially recommend Remnant Population.

John Scalzi. Oft-compared to RA Heinlein, Scalzi is funnier and wittier if not yet as insightful. Give him some time.

Connie Willis -keep an eye out for her stuff. It's all good.


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