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I am involved in various fannish activities (fanac), meaning things that have to do with the science fiction and fantasy fandom to which I belong. I am an active smof*, faned(itor), and fanwriter. In addition to many volunteer activities, I am a freelance editor and proofreader and an associate member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA).

Ongoing projects include spearheading a slow-moving effort to create a Latin American Fan Fund, LAFF, and porting convention publication biographies to a centralized web archive,

During the year I lived in Southern Ohio in 2009, Brian and I very much appreciated being accepted as members of the Cincinnati Fantasy Group (CFG). I also joined the Carl Brandon Society and the Outer Alliance that year.

Brian and I were the 2010 Transatlantic Fan Fund (TAFF) delegates and attended Corflu and Eastercon. That made us TAFF administrators for two years. I was also on the convention committee of Renovation, the 2011 Worldcon, as co-head of the Art @ Renovation project and coordinator of Art Night. For a while I was also on staff of the start-up, Wizardís Tower Press.

In Southeast Michigan, I've served on the Board of Directors of the Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association (AASFA), the formal organization that stands behind Stilyagi and helps run ConFusion each January. I was also was assistant con chair and programming wrangler for ConFusion and Her Friends in 2003, and Conchair for ConFusion XXX in 2004 and 31 Flavors of ConFusion in 2005. I stepped down after that to avoid burnout, then returned to chair ConFusion again in 2009. In 2012 I joined the bid committee working to bring the 2014 NASFiC to Detroit. Detcon1 was a terrifically ssuccesful convention. I was the Diversity Facilitator and general Girl Friday for the conchair, Tammy Coxen.

In April 2004 I had a terrific time at Penguicon, being Neil Gaiman's liaison to the convention. You can read about that in more detail in my con report, published in Emerald City. Subsequently I have also assisted Neil at Mythcon 35, Noreascon 4, the 2005 Nebula Awards, Balticon 40, the 2006 Locus Awards, Anticipation (the 2009 Worldcon) and a couple other small events. I wrote up my Notes on Neil-Handling for the benefit of others who will be doing something similar.

I was also guest liaison to Charlie Stross for Penguicon 5.0 (2007), Cory Doctorow (2005) and Chris DiBona (2006).

I am the Past President of the Board of Directors of the Science Fiction Oral History Association (SFOHA) and have previously served as President, Secretary, and webmaster.

I proofread Cheryl Morgan's Hugo Award-winning online zine Emerald City up until Cheryl retired the 'zine in September of 2006. I was also the copyeditor for publications at ConJosé. In addition to working for Publications before the con, I was staff in the Consuite during the convention.

I was on program ops staff at Torcon 3, and I did some proofreading for Noreascon Four, where I was also Personal assistant to Neil Gaiman for the weekend, as I mentioned before.

I am also a member of Midfan, and was editor of MidFanzine for the first four editions. The first edition, First Steps, came out in the fall of 2002 and went very well. The second Edition was similarly successful. The third edition, MidFanzine 3: Impressions came out in fall of 2004. The fourth, Next Steps, came out in Fall of 2009.

During slow times I contribute to the conrunning knowledge capture process over at and am a contributor to the Science Fiction project on Wikipedia.

I wrote a couple of short stories that I share for free on the 'net, here:

  • With Feeling - selected for 3rd place in an Ann Arbor Public Library writing contest in 1991.
  • UnQuiet - published (in a slightly different edition) in the Winter 2002 fanzine TANSTAAFL.

* smof = secret master of fandom