My Favorite Books

I read. A lot. I read roughly a page per minute on paperbacks, mostly science fiction and fantasy. When I was in high school I read roughly five books a week. I have written reviews of books and I also want to share with you some short descriptions of books I really really like.


Dragonsbane, by Barbara Hambly
A witch and her mundane, spectacled husband (who regrettably once did have to kill a dragon) are recruited by a young fool with a head full of myths to come fight a new dragon and save the country. -intrigue, wonderfully described magic, a warm and tender relationship between a married couple, and lots of adventure.
(Do not be tempted to get the sequel to this book.. it was written 15 years later and by all reviews is not really worth reading.)

The Forgotten Beasts of Eld, by Patricia McKillip
A sorceress, nifty magical creatures, romance and issues about using power and participating in society. An amazing treatment of issues about hatred and revenge, and the power and pain of love.

The Blue Sword, by Robin McKinley
A restless young woman is kidnapped by a hill king with magical powers into a foreign land that calls to her blood in a way she doesn't understand, brings forth skills she doesn't know why she has. Trained as a warrior, Harry may surprise everyone when destiny leads her to unite forces from both her lands to defend them against a horrible northern aggressor. Adventure, adventure, adventure, torn loyalties, and not a little romance.
(the prequel, Hero and the Crown, is also good, but slow in parts)

All of these are accessible to young adults, enjoyable at any age. I have re-read them over and over, and if you read the reviews on amazon, you'll find that's common among their readers. They are the best fantasy books I've ever read. (and I read a lot!)

Young Adult Fiction

A Little Princess, by Frances Hodgson Burnett
This story about an orphaned girl in a french school illustrates the triumph of imagination and soulfulness over adversity. I have read it again and again (and yes, I always cry).

Other books I've read that I recommend

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