The Road Trip, illustrated

We took 36 rolls' worth of pictures during our 3 1/2 months out on the road. When we got home I made a "best of" collection that fills two photo albums. I had some time with a scanner in October of 2002, so I scanned a few of my favorites, but there are of course many other beautiful ones not shown here. --Anne

ever wondered why they call it Yellowstone?

The yellow stone in this picture illustrates very simply the name of this Wyoming National Park.

Hot Sulfur Springs

When there's a nice breeze, it actually doesn't smell too bad near the sulfur springs, and they sure are beautiful.

It feels so good to sit down!

Here's us after we spent half the day hiking to the pass near the top of Mount Wright. This is to the East of the Bob Marshal Wilderness, in Montana. Glacier National Park is off behind us somewhere. Would you believe, Sarah actually propped the camera on some rocks to take this picture?

blue skies ahead

Included to give those who haven't been there some idea of what it feels like to be in Big Sky Country.

Sarah in the mountains

My sister was born in Montana. I'm pretty sure something about the Rocky Mountains is in her blood.

We took a break on the way into Glacier National Park to be contemplative for a while. She fits right in, doesn't she?

Ruby Beach, in Washington

This is pretty close to the Northwest corner of the continguous United States of America. Not at the corner, though we have a picture of that too.

The state of Washington is amazing. It has beautiful beaches, mountains, rainforest - the works!

pausing to record the beautiful

Driving down the West coast, you get to see the most wonderful sunsets...

Anne the Pilot (copilot)

This is me, the day I got to fly a plane!

Okay, I didn't take off and I didn't land, but I got to control the stick while we flew in a straight line for a while. It was more exciting than it sounds - and it was fun to find out what the various dials and displays were for.

Diamond Lake, Oregon

Our visit to this lake was a lesson in the advantages of taking the opportunity to question a local person about places to stay. The sign-holder at a road construction holdup advised us to camp at Diamond Lake, Oregon, just North of Crater Lake. Prettiest little lake I ever saw. There were loons, and there was the sunset, and our campsite was right on the lake, and there were FREE hot showers the next day! All for $8, as I recall.

Sunset on Half Dome

One of the most photographed pieces of rock in the world, most likely. This is Half Dome at Yosemite. There were a pile of photographers lined up to photograph the dome and her reflection in a creek, so we joined them. Sarah took this wonderful picture of the dome in sunset splendor.

The two cool-aid lovers

And this is us! We looked like this fairly often on the road trip, wearing the hiking boots we bought on the way out to the coast. Carrying lots of water. Hanging out in one of the most beautiful places in the world, that kind of thing.

the lighthouse

Our Aunt Pam took us to see this historic lighthouse at one end of San Diego Bay.

She also gave me that terrific black t-shirt.

The cottonwoods at Zion

Again, a lineup of photographers cued us to a wonderful photo op.

This is in Zion National Park. The deeper part of the canyon is behind us. We found late fall to be a wonderful time to visit Zion, which is in southern Utah. The floor of the canyon is still warm, but the red rock, yellow cottonwoods, and spatterings of snow make for wonderful contrasts.

Bryce Canyon

Speaking of red rock and snow, this is Bryce Canyon. Also in Utah, just a little ways north of Zion. Those spires of rock are called Hoodoos.




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