Courses Attended at Grinnell College
during the completion of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History
by Anne K. Gay

Major: Undeclared
Advisor: Paula Smith
MAT 133 Calculus II
SPN 217 20th Cent Spain/L Am
THE 100 Performance Lab S Moffett
THE 115 Intro to Stagecraft P Gordon
TUT 100 Visions of Utopia P Smith
EDU 101 Human Relations in Education
MAT 215 Linear Algebra & Differential Equations Adelberg
MUS 101 Grinnell Singers J Rommereim
SPN 238 Society & Literature: Spain (in Spanish) D Perri
THE 397 IP: Theater Design Skills P Gordon
Major: Undeclared
Advisor: JD Stone
CSC 151 Computer Programming Pascal JD Stone
PHY 131 General Physics I Zeta
THE 102 Intermediate Modern Dance B Voertman
THE 240 Stage Design P Gordon
THE 240 Fundamentals of Stage Design (CADD) P Gordon
Art 103 Introduction to Art History S Strauber
CSC 206 Fundamentals of Computer Science JD Stone
CSC 206 Fund of Comp Sci +2 (C++) JD Stone
MUS 101 Grinnell Singers J Rommereim
PHY 132 General Physics II C Cunningham
THE 102 Intermediate Modern Dance B Voertman
THE 340 Designing for Stage P Gordon
Major: Physics
Advisor: CE Cunningham
HIS 275 Chinese History I A Hsieh
MUS 220 Performance: Percussion M Dorr
PHY 232 Modern Physics C Cunningham
PHY 335 Electromagnetic Theory Zeta
HIS 278 Japanese History II A Hsieh
HIS 295 Special Topics: Southern Africa G Drake
MAT 216 Series & Differential Equations
MUS 220 Performance: Voice
PHY 234 Mechanics Case
Major: History
Advisor: A Hsieh
HIS 101 European History: 1650-Present D Smith
HIS 295 Special Topics: Russia D Kaiser, J Mohan
PHY 220 Electronics P Tjosem

Sesquecentenial Interim
SST 195 Sesquecentenial Critical Thinking (3 subtopics)
ANT 154 Evolution of Technology D Caulkins
CHI 211 Pract/ Chinese Calligraphy M Yang
HIS 227 African-American History T Hietala
HIS 323 The Atlantic World
HIS 375 Self & Society in Chinese History A Hsieh
SST 270 Russia Study Tour J Mohan, T Armstrong

My cumulative grade point average was 3.18. In my major it was 3.66 (A-).

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