We Are

Happy, when we're singing, harmonizing
like we did when we were children,
slinging tunes against the tiles of our bathroom morn.
Happy, when we're laughing, being looney,
breaking stressful moments, making them our own.
Happy, when we're crying, 'cause our tears are wells of learning,
some reflection of the fears and joys of traveling,
and of facing our returning, and of wondering
if we're finding our own space to live and grow.
Happy, when we're moving, toward the warmth of friends awaiting,
not quite knowing when we're going where we're going,
but believing when we get there that we just might find
the strength to carry on.
Happy, when we're driving, with the wheels below us turning,
free of other peoples' schedules, full of fears and hopes and freeway passings,
seeking out an understanding of just who and where
We Are.