Jigsaw Puzzle ... Reviews?

I'll be honest. I've never seen someone review a jigsaw puzzle. There's no column in the newspaper for it, and I haven't seen it on the web. But I have wished I could know, before I buy a puzzle, what level of quality the puzzle is.

What makes for quality in a jigsaw puzzle? Well firstly there's the obvious: The picture, the picture quality, the level of detail, the attractiveness of the picture. But other aspects, of craftsmanship, have a high impact on the enjoyment of doing your puzzle. However beautiful the picture on the puzzle, if the pieces are not cleanly cut, if they are so loose you can't tell if they fit, or if the cardboard is separating into layers or parts are breaking off, you'll enjoy yourself less. Loseness of fit also impacts how effectively you can move around batches of finished puzzle, if you need to.

reptil Reptiles
1000 piece 24" x 20 " (cm 62 x 52)
Picture by M.C. Escher
Made in Italy by Selegiochi MILANO.

I rather enjoyed this monochromatic puzzle. Escher describes this picture as the story of a little aligator who laboriously pulls himself out of a two-dimensional drawing and goes on a 3-D adventure before sinking back into the drawing on the other side. Rather like a still-life, the image has a lot of similarly textured grey in it but is otherwise quite easy. Well manufactured.

You can get this at Puzzle House or Jigsaw Jungle.

I am not the only person who has thought of writing about her puzzles. Let me know if you see or have a jigsaw puzzle page.

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