Every time I prepare a resume I once again face the issue of which jobs to leave out in order to produce a resume that fits on one page. But one of the marvelous things about the internet is that space is not much of an issue. So for my own records and as a reference for potential employers, I have compiled here a complete job history (meaning things someone paid me to do), with added details as to the responsibilities and accomplishments of each position.

See also: Volunteer History.


Job History

Substitute Teacher
8/2017 - Present

Teaches primarily intermediate and middle-school students as a part-time substitute teacher in the Suburban, Dallastown, and York City School Districts. Particularly good at teaching math, art, history, and science. Also taught at York County Technical High School in the 2017-2018 school year.

Active Clearances, Act 168 training and Pennsylvania State Emergency Certification as LIU12 Guest Teacher

Freelance Writer and Proofreader
10/2014 - Present
Have provided copy writing, editing or proofreading for several authors and companies on a range of projects including books, SBIR proposals, and a PhD thesis.

Was hired to co-mentor a group of elementary students working through their first season of FIRST LEGO LEAGUE. The theme for the year was Water. Students had to do research, prepare a model of a design to address a problem, and give a presentation about the design process and what they learned. I think my favorite part was our trip to the York Water Treatment Plant.

Human Factors Engineer
1/2009 - 2/2010
Klein Associates Division of Applied Research Associates (ARA) (now their Cognitive Solutions office
Conducted Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) interviews, conversational analysis, documentation review, literature searches, requirements specification, interface design and proposal writing. Learned to maintain an active marketing strategy and call list while pursuing excellence in technical work at the same time. Areas of research included decision making, team decision making, coordination, command and control, augmented cognition, multi-modal interface design, the effects of sleep deprivation on cognitive performance, trust and automation, and producing experiential user guides with scenario walk-throughs based on expert performance techniques to improve training. Work domains included naval submarine command and control, dismounted infantry command and control for mobile operations in urban terrain, litoral, ground, and transitional marine security, and intelligence analysis.
Freelance Copyeditor and Proofreader
1/2006 - 1/2010
Subterranean Press
John Scalzi asked me to copyedit the short stories in the edition of Subterranean Magazine (#4) that he guest-edited, and since then William Schafer has hired me to proof Rites by Tad Williams, The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, Volume One: To Be Continued, the tenth anniversary edition of The Green Mile, by Stephen King, Volumes I and II of the unpublished screen and teleplays of Robert Heinlein, and other collections of short stories by Connie Willis, Jack Vance, Robert Silverberg, Ray Bradbury, and Neil Gaiman, as well as Gaiman's The Graveyard Book.
Freelance Writer and Publicist
4/2007 - 8/2009
Projects included literary reviews, interviews of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean for the Subterranean Press Graveyard Book website, and producing a sales guide for a web marketing company. I also arranged a couple of events at the Ann Arbor Public Library for local authors to promote new releases, in collaboration with Nicola's Books.
Research Engineer
10/2007 - 7/2008
Electrodynamic Applications
Designed and oversaw implementation of experimental control system and experiments as technical lead for a plasma physics research project involving 3D motion of a probe inside a vacuum chamber. Interfaced and developed systems requirements with the client, documented system, oversaw installation at client site.

Time overlap with previous position is due to my having been working half time at SoarTech since 5/2007; someone figured out war was expensive and we were trying to bridge the slowdown, but SoarTech finally laid me off in December and I switched to just EDA and freelance work.

Human Factors Engineer
1/2005 - 12/2007
Soar Technology, Inc
Human Factors and Computer Interface Design Engineer at a small artificial intelligence research and development company. Cognitive work and systems analysis, usability, and interface design for intelligent and adaptive command and control systems, intelligence analysis support, diplomatic training software, others. Defined software requirements for agile development team researching operation of heterogeneous teams of unmanned vehicles. GOMSL task models developed as reference for adaptive system. Executed and performed qualitative and quantitative analysis on user study. Wrote proposals, managed web design team for corporate site.
4/2003 - 1/2005
The Caravan Shop
Performed retail sales and display design; ordered stock and maintained relationships with artists and other suppliers; managed the inventory and QA processes at an independently owned and operated gift shop in downtown Ann Arbor.
Menlo Innovations
Developed use cases and analysed user interface of a coldfusion/Oracle-based ecommerce system.
Research Assistant
9/1999 - 5/2002
Dr. Daniel Stashuk, University of Waterloo
Based on task and system analysis, produced and tested a prototype information display, user tested the interface design for Decomposition-based Quantitative EMG software, and ran a comparison experiment on three ways to display quantitative EMG information. Introduced the polar star display to the EMG field, was the first to add standard deviation lines to a polar star display. Reduced classification error by 30%. (See my Thesis for more information.)
Teaching Assistant
9/2000 - 12/2000
University of Waterloo
SYDE 161, Introduction to Systems Design Engineering
Oversaw a section (31 students) and other teams of students in introductory Systems Design course with under professors MacGregor and Lowe. Systems Theory and Design; Communications, drawing and drafting (CAD). Graded two weekly assignments for sectional, facilitated team design process for five teams, provided in-lab drafting tutoring and lectures, participated in grading two midterms and two finals, design contest.
Teaching Assistant
1/2000 - 5/2000
University of Waterloo
SYDE 444, Biomedical Engineering
Single TA for advanced course. Maintained regular office hours, produced and maintained a web site, graded assignments and projects on physiology and biological system signal detection and analysis.
Teaching Assistant
9/1999 - 12/1999
University of Waterloo
SYDE 161, Introduction to Systems Design Engineering
Ran sectional studies and lab and facilitated design teams under professors Wills and Lowe (Design process and communication skills; drawing and drafting, CAD included). Graded regular assignments, two midterms, two finals (this was an expanded course with two professors).
Research Assistant
5/1999 - 8/1999
University of Waterloo
Teaching Resources and Continuing Education (TRACE)
Redesigned the interface of a course design support application (learning styles assessment) so as to be compatible with a Coldfusion backend.
Web Consultant
Summit Systems, Inc.
Designed and implemented web sites and relational databases for small start-up company (now Liquidprint). Estimated and managed projects, coordinated with team in creating informational and e-commerce solutions. Consistently pleased clients with quick response time, clear communication, and attention to detail. Example clients: www.jcpr.org and www.performancebike.com -Applied HTML, Perl, Javascript, WebDNA.
Web Designer
6/1996 - 7/1996
Cyberzone, Inc.
Proposed and developed a web site redesign for the Cyberzone Cafe in Ann Arbor Michigan, working as a freelance consultant.
Web Designer
2/1996 - 5/1996
Grinnell College, Environmental Studies
Established a web presence for the Environmental Studies Concentration.
User Consultant
10/1993 - 5/1996
Grinnell College Computer Services
Provided in-lab and online support for users of Macintosh, PC, VAX, and UNIX systems. Helped design UC training Program, taught Excel (4.0, 5.0) As of Fall 1994, qualified to work in MathLAN. As of Spring 1996, promoted to Vax Specialist.
Quality Services Intern
6/1995 - 8/1995
3M Health Care, Cardiovascular Systems, Sarns and CDI products, Ann Arbor MI
(now Terumo Cardiovascular Systems)
Beta-tested software and inspected hardware in a team-led research & development and manufacturing organization. Ran an audit of inventory and products on the manufacturing floor to ensure standards compliance. Researched customer complaints documentation, assisted in filing reorders for faulty inventory.
1/1993 - 12/1994
Grinnell College Theatre Department
Staff Carpenter, Head of Paint; supervised Stagecraft students (1993-1994). Also:
Tech Director, Set design, Sexual Perversity in Chicago, by David Mamet (1994)
Assistant Set Design, Properties production, Translations, by Brian Friel (1993)
Carpenter, Assistant Stage Manager, Props Master, A Doll House, by Henrik Ibsen (1992)
Designer; Props
and Sound

6/1994 - 8/1994
University of Findlay Summerstock Theatre
Supervised apprentices; carpentry and set crew; designed, produced and ran properties for Guys and Dolls by Frank Loesser, Hurray for Hollywood (a musical review), and Separate Tables, by Terrence Rattigan. Sound Design also for The Snow Queen and Hurray for Hollywood
Nominated for a critics award for set dressing on Separate Tables.
Theater Technician
7/1993 - 8/1993
Dunes Summer Arts Program
Set Construction and Painting, ran Lights and Sound, Death Trap, by Ira Levin
Assisted with technical production of Revenge of the Space Pandas (or Binky Rudich and the Two-Speed Clock), by David Mamet
Completely overhauled the foundation's storage for props and costumes, producing an organization therein that had not been seen for years. Picked up the pieces and succeeded in a stressful management situation in which the rest of the technical crew had quit.
Periodic, 1989-1996
Dawn Treader Books
Organized backstock, stocked shelves, assisted with sales during annual Street Fair. Some specialization in the Science Fiction section; completed the installation of that section of the store following a store relocation.
Technician, Running Crew
11/1990 - 12/1990
Ann Arbor Ballet Theater
Technical and Running Crew, The Nutcracker Ballet
Paper Carrier
1985 - 1991
The Ann Arbor News
Delivered newspapers on weekday evenings and weekend mornings, 365 days a year for 6 years. Maintained high circulation on neighborhood route. Collected monthly to pay for papers as an independent businessperson. Often won Early Bird Awards.

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