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Programs due to receive my GRE test scores
--I took the General Test April 13th

University of Minnesota
University of California at Berkeley

Other Sites Related to History of Science and Technology

History of Science Society
Princton's Office of Technology Assessment Archive
The Women in Science and Technology Museum
A collection of history of Science Resources
There are jems scattered on Katherine Bryant's Home Page.

re: Computers
Hobbes' Internet Timeline. Dig in to find his Internet World, too.

Community Memory, the CPSR's new study on the history of the development of computers, leading up to today's concept of cyberspace.

On the History and Impact of the Net, Michael and Ronda Hauben.

The wonderful site of the Computer History Association of California.

The Xanadu Project

An historical figure: Richard Brodie, original author of Microsoft Word.

Influence of Certain Persons, also covered in some chapters of the Netizens netbook.


The Standard View of Technology

Soon to come...

All right, I'll be bold and get the papers I've written on the subject up on here.

First one: Has Japan Completed the Technological Challenge? © Anne K. Gay, 5/12/95

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