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Anne Gray:: Human Factors Engineering
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Anne Gray has been a Human Factors Engineer at Klein Associates and Soar Technology. Mainly that involves analysis of how people do work and the requirements that analysis suggests for human-computer interface design. She has also been involved in design and testing of user interfaces for software design and research purposes. That's been mostly for the command and control of unmanned vehicles (robots), submarines, and dismounted infantry, but also addressed the design of tools for modeling polisocial systems, other types of intelligence analysis, training, and for software development in different task and cognitive modeling languages (GOMSL, SOAR, and HLSR).

Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) is at the core of human factors in systems design. A bridge between cognitive psychology and human-computer interaction, this process applies lessons in interviewing and observation techniques that are based on an understanding of decision-making processes and how to elicite information requirements from experts.

At Penguicon in 2010 Anne gave a presentation on Human Factors Engineering. That should be posted here soon.

You can find more information about Anne's education and both volunteer and work experience in her portfolio section.