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Anne Gray
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As a systems design engineer, I know that how you start describing something has a big impact on how you perceive it. Whether you look at something structurally, functionally, operationally, aesthetically, or otherwise influences what you expect it to do, and what you expect to be able to do with it.

So how should I introduce myself? I have many varied interests and capabilities. My history is complex, and so is my social context. I have told you I am an engineer. I could as easily have started by saying I am a dancer, or that I grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I was born, or that I am interested and active in reading, writing, editing, and the fannish community surrounding, science fiction and fantasy. All of those are true. But most prominent in my life *just* now is that I am married to a wonderful man named Brian, we recently moved to York, PA, where he is now part of the biology faculty at York College of Pennsylvania, and we have a four-year-old daughter I am currently staying at home to raise.

I have also been known to introduce myself like this:

I am a hoper, a wisher, a dreamer.
I am a lover, a poet, a reader.
Join me as I strive to be true.

In any case, welcome.